Ateneo Associations Almodóvar del Río Córdoba
Ateneo Associations Almodóvar del Río Córdoba
First thank you for the interest in becoming a member of the oldest Civil Society Almodóvar del Rio, since 1925 the Ateneo thanks to partners like you have made it possible for teaching reading and writing to those who had no means to become literate even in these years has focused primarily on promoting culture in our people.

Prices are as follows:
Adult / as.- 9 € / month
Parejas.- 12 € / month
Under 16 years.- 5 € / month
Fill in only in the case of eligible Partner / Pareja 12 € / month both. (For 3 € only more your partner can also participate as a partner / a)
Only in the case of eligible Partner / Pareja
Select the type of partner / a
Indicates the bank account number where having your payment. The charges are made quarterly.
We inform you that the personal data obtained through this form and your E-mail address, have been included in a file of Popular Ateneo Almodóvar., In order to answer your queries and send information related to the company that could be of interest, including by electronic means.
Ateneo Popular. You agree to use the data collected through this form only for the purpose mentioned above. The states concerned have knowledge of the destination and use of personal data collected through Form. Sending this form implies acceptance of the terms above.
If you wish to exercise rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition may be incurred by the procedures established by law addressing the company: Popular Ateneo Almodóvar del Río towards Plaza de la Constitucion, 9, 14720 Almodóvar del Río, Córdoba or to e-mail: