Ateneo Associations Almodóvar del Río Córdoba

"LOOK AT ME" We usually say that the face is the mirror of the soul, or more specifically the eyes are the mirror of our souls. With them we express our true mood, our emotions, our fears and reflect it immediately and sincerely.

In a world, today, where the capacity for coexistence is delayed, perhaps, because of the impersonality that gives us refuge in social networks, we miss that face to face, that "look me in the eyes" and tell me the truth, Tell me what you are thinking without having to stop crossing your gaze and mine. Let the truth of your gaze conquer my heart.

Francisco Javier Ramirez "Cachi" wanted to capture with this collection of photographs, those looks of simple, humble and honest people of different races, cultures and ways of understanding life. Of them he has been interested only in his gaze, his truth, which cannot be hidden when feelings emerge and cannot be hidden. Those looks of authenticity and delivery.

LOOK AT ME, it is a magnificent work where, once again, the artist focuses on what he really wants to express and exhibit, with his dark backgrounds that enhance the penetrating, seductive and sensitive looks of his characters.

We want to look you in the eye and enjoy this exhibition with you.