Ateneo Associations Almodóvar del Río Córdoba
Ateneo Associations Almodóvar del Río Córdoba

18, 20, 25 and 27 July 2016 from 11: 00h to 13:00 h

General objective:

Invite children to a first approach to the kitchen, where they can participate in the making and tasting of different dishes.

Specific objectives:


  • They take advantage of the free summer hours in a creative activity.
  • They know typical dishes from different countries.
  • They exercise their fine and gross motor skills.
  • They exercise their senses when in contact with different scents, colors, textures and flavors.
  • They will use their aesthetic sense.
  • They will implement collaboration and teamwork.

Description of the session:

The sessions will be structured as follows:

  1. Rhythm section: Salute, games and songs aimed to "wake up" to create harmony in the group and promote a cheerful atmosphere.
  2. Cooking: Preparing recipes day.
  3. Tasting and close: Test what we have cooked and listen to a story so close.


They are planned four separate sessions:

Sabor a Mexico, Tropical Taste, Mediterranean restaurants Flavors and Homemade Desserts:

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