28 Jan
28 Jan

Alfonso Cost

In coloboración with the editorial Adeshoras, City of Almodovar del Rio and Municial Library "Manuel Camacho Ringer"

Book Description:

Oscar Quintana, mature novelist mixed success, in April 2014 receives the news of the death in a car accident, her first love, the famous war correspondent Marian Claus Balaguer. Led by a feeling that believed forgotten, he decides to write the story of his early years with her in the Cordovan school Customs. During the process prior to the novel documentation, Quintana returns to his hometown and his much-missed school, where he discovers that Sergio Atienza, his former and unique music teacher, was reported missing the following year leaving school. The search for traces of Sergio, becomes for Quintana, assisted by Isabel Sotomayor, the head teacher of the school, in its sole obsession, but soon receive news from Madrid lip Elena, her partner, so unexpected and disturbing, that will force you to relive the most controversial chapters of its past from the perspective of the deceased committed journalist.

In Chronicle blue days with a balanced structure and careful prose, we find a plot that happens on two temporal planes, which at times adds a third: the plane where the main action happens during the year 2014; and at a time (fictionalized by the protagonist himself), where the experiences of a ten years will take place during the decade of the 70. The third plane, inserted as a extranarrativo flash, and with which the novel begins, it is a plea for peace where we are warned dehumanized commercial interests that exist after the wars.

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