January 23, 2016

Presentation of the first album of the musical group Master MPL

"To you Master" is the title of the new album of the Cordovan training, which will be presented on Saturday from 20:30 in the evening, musical event organized by the training itself collaboration with both the City of Almodovar del Rio as the Ateneo Popular.

The new album has a total of 9 musical compositions, which has participated composers such as Raul Ruiz Salvador Trujillo, brothers Head Jimenez, Jose Manuel Lopez Mena Manuel Marquez and Jose Hervas among others.

These are 9 compositions included in "To you Master."

  1. Introduction: "Our Last Goodbye" by Carlos Vergara Cabo and orchestration of Manuel Martin
  2. "To you ... .. Master" by Raul Ruiz Salvador Trujillo.
  3. "Praying in my Walk" Jose Manuel López Márquez.
  4. "Injuries On Your Side" by José Manuel Mena Hervas, arrangements Hnos. Jimenez Head.
  5. "Nazareno of Hope" Head Hnos Jimenez.
  6. "Following your Cross" by José Manuel López Márquez.
  7. "Your Music, My Passion" by Raul Ruiz Salvador Trujillo.
  8. "An Angel in Heaven" Hnos Jimenez Head.
  9. "The Resurrection of a Son" by Raul Ruiz Salvador Trujillo.