Ateneo Associations Almodóvar del Río Córdoba
Ateneo Associations Almodóvar del Río Córdoba
Born in Granada, I spend my childhood and youth in it, a land that I adore and that I will always carry in my heart, I breathed the same air and was able to observe the same landscapes that my countryman Federico García Lorca was also able to enjoy some time ago, all a pride for me.
Land that captivates you and brings out hidden feelings from you.
Since I was a child, my love for painting, photography, reading and writing awakened in me and so, at the age of 12, I won my first writing prize organized by the Diputación de Granada based on the rights of the child back in 1979, the year of its beginning, still with longing I keep the diploma that I won. At the age of 14 and with an honors degree in drawing, they put on my first exhibition at the school where I am studying, drawings painted on simple sheets of painting notebooks and Chinese ink.

I train as admtva. and at the age of 21 I start to work, with just turned 26, I leave my land and my family behind, to take flight to other cities that give me the opportunity. The first three years I work in Madrid, and then I take flight again in 1995 to Córdoba, an unknown land for me and the one that reawakens my hobbies, unique landscapes and wonderful people, who hold me tight and They don't let go of me for a moment.
Land in which I take root and that I can no longer leave, because without its air I would not be able to breathe. She inspired me to paint more than 50 oil paintings that I do, and hundreds of landscapes that I photograph endlessly.

Now, due to lack of space, I let my fan drawings be captured, and small watercolors in the form of greeting cards and bookmarks, I also do as gifts.

My son is my best work, as I say in my poetry dedicated to him and to this land, which goes like this:

"I wanted to do my best
and I chose Andalusia as a framework
and within this Córdoba
which was the chosen city.
I came to live in Almodóvar
and I put the final brushstroke
seeing my work finished
in this unique town."