Ateneo Associations Almodóvar del Río Córdoba
Ateneo Associations Almodóvar del Río Córdoba

I was born in Almodóvar del Río in 1993.
I am a cradle singer, whose curiosity about music created the need to be able to sing before an audience, in a more professional way, starting my first steps around the year 2013, with the participation in different events in my town (Town Hall, Ateneo Popular, Charitable associations...) and entrance to different artistic companies such as Naqqara, Orquesta Satén and the Cordovan musical "Emily the eternal bride".
In 2017 he formed a piano and voice duo called "Marylike".

From 2018 to 2020 I was part of the orchestra "La Movida".

I have been on tour throughout Spain, creating a tablaje on the stages that I was complementing with studies in a totally self-taught way, until today.

I have continued giving classes with professionals to improve my vocal technique.

Apart from writing songs and poetry, I draw. Art is part of my life, in several of its versions.