Ateneo Associations Almodóvar del Río Córdoba
Ateneo Associations Almodóvar del Río Córdoba


I was born in Seville in 1954. My family moved to Almodóvar del Río, where I spent my childhood and part of my youth, and where I returned to settle permanently in the 1980s.

My artistic production is extensive and multifaceted: Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Graphic Arts and Literature.

I studied Shape Analysis at the Higher Technical School of Architecture in Seville. Later, I will study Philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of Córdoba, and Spanish Literature at the Complutense University of Madrid. Later, he traveled to Florence, where he closely studied Renaissance works and made life studies and portraits.

After my stay in Italy, I return to Spain, settling in Nerja and where my interest in contemporary art grows. Thus begins my involvement in cultural and artistic projects in different Andalusian towns.

During the 1980s and 1990s, I made trips to Japan, the Maghreb, Europe, Arabia and Libya, which greatly influenced my artistic production and my thinking, carrying out in-depth research on formal traditions, historical avant-gardes and the color symbolism, from a holistic point of view that integrates art, science and spirituality.

I have participated in various exhibitions throughout my career, both collective and individual, highlighting: De la disparition des anges in Toulouse (2020), Mâqâmât at the Rafael Botí Foundation (2019), Jayal, the creative imagination. Sufism as a source of inspiration (collective) Casa Árabe, Córdoba (2017), Terra Nullius (collective) Sala Portal del Pardo, El Verdrell, Barcelona (2016), Chuee-Taxua, Artists' cultural exchange project, Chicago (USA) Montréal (Canada). From Albaida to Al-Hamrra at the Merced Palace, Córdoba Provincial Council (1999), Retrospective at the Shimewaru Museum of Contemporary Art (Kyusyu, Japan, 1997), Searching for Paths at the Almodóvar del Río Popular Athenaeum. Formless melancholy. Shimewaru Museum of Contemporary Art. Kyusyu. Japan. (1994). Marginal areas. Genoa Financial Club. Madrid (1986). Paper Wings. Wilder & Davies Gallery/Workshop. Montréal. Canada (2001). NeoEpoque Gallery . Tokyo Japan. (2000) and a long etcetera that encompasses more than a hundred national and international exhibitions.

My works appear in museums and private collections around the world, among which those of the Shimewaru Museum of Contemporary Art (Japan) and the royal houses of Saudi Arabia and Spain stand out, specifically one of my works is owned by the current monarch Felipe VI, at the Royal Palace.

Also, I have given numerous conferences in various Spanish cities, on various topics that cover the field of arts, geopolitics, mysticism and spirituality.

Recently, I have been awarded the Necip Fazi l International Prize for Art and Culture from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Turkey (November 2021) for my work in the world of art, culture and thought.